1000th Post

This is, as the title notes, the one-thousandth post here at 300 Dollar Wonder. As such, I feel compelled to write something profound, introspective, and insightful. Unfortunately, this 1000th post thing sort of sneaked up on me. Thirty seconds ago, this was going to be a post about Rudi Giuliani.

I could take this opportunity to talk about the fact that Time Magazine named me (and many other mes) 'Person of the Year,' an occurrence I missed while I was sick. I'm not going to because I think the whole thing was an effort by a stodgy old media icon to jump on something - anything - with 'buzz.'

I could talk about how different my life is now, a scant 400+/- days ago. I'm married, no longer living in somebody else's basement, and well on my way to being a 'professional' - as opposed to being that kid that just graduated from college. I would do that, here on my blog for the interested masses to read, but George F. Will would think that's narcissistic.

Then there are the political changes. Unfortunately, I covered that a month ago for the 300 Dollar Wonder 1 year anniversary.

In the end, I don't really know what I want to say. I just didn't want to waste this post on Rudi Giuliani.


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olatokunbo gbolade said...

I believe iwas the first person to post acomment onthe Time person of the year brouhaha,on yomi11 and webproworld,the next thing i know it,s all over the net,anyway what does it matter it,s still nice to be acknowledged