Citation du Jour

"What you see here is a split between the theorists who have never been on a battlefield or never worn the uniform and those who have."

-Senator James Webb (D-VA), on Meet the Press, on BushCo. vs. McCain, et al. on the Geneva Conventions, Tribunals, etc.
I like the quote, but I disagree with it. What you have here is an Administration so in love with its theory that it's unwilling to listen to people who have worn the uniform and been on battlefields.

Not all presidents must be former soldiers, but all presidents must be willing to listen to the advice of our military.

Of course this problem is an outgrowth of religious zealotry. 'How's that?' you say? Simple. Bush knows that Jesus is coming back because he believes it. There is no question. It's simply fact. It is undeniable. It is a fact that in the future, Jesus will come back. All because Bush believes that it's true.

Along the same lines, Iraq will become a pro-America Democracy and act as a beacon freedom in the Middle East. It is a fact that the future will bring this Iraq to us because George Bush believes. For Bush, enough faith, enough conviction of belief is enough to make something - anything - true. And having 'experts' tell him otherwise is just as productive as having Atheists tell him Jesus ain't coming back.

That's why you shouldn't elect fundamentalist zealots. (Among other reasons.)

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