Sen. Johnson to Make Full Recovery

Hearing that a family's hospitalized loved one is expected to recover is always great news. Knowing that it will stop some Republicans from claiming that 'God wants a Republican majority' is priceless.

From the Sioux Falls Argus Leader:

The news media might spend time talking about successors to Sen. Tim Johnson, but a son of the South Dakota Democrat is confident his dad will go back to work.

"That's the easiest question for me to answer," said Brendan Johnson, the second-oldest child of Tim and Barbara Johnson. "From my conversations with the doctors and based on the progress he has been making, I feel very confident that he is going to be getting back to work sooner rather than later."

It was the first interview given by a Johnson family member since the senator was hospitalized Dec. 13 with stroke-like symptoms followed by brain surgery at George Washington University Medical Center in Washington.

Brendan Johnson says his conclusions come from talking with doctors and also seeing how his father has done in neurological exams.
While the Senator remains heavily sedated to aid in healing, his mental functions show every sign of a full recovery. He is able to preform tasks (wiggle toes, hold an object, etc.) when asked - especially when asked by his wife.

This is all very good news. His recovery will not be instantaneous or without pitfalls, but his prognosis is good. As always, best wishes to Senator Johnson and his family.

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