3 to 4 Inches

Overnight we got about 3-4 inches of snow here in the DC Metro area and I'm probably just as happy as the 8 year old that lives across the street. First, I just like snow. It's enchanting. It brightens and otherwise gray monotony that is Washington Winter. It keeps the locals off the roads and lets people who know how to drive in snow avoid the normal rush hour traffic.

It also finally feels like Christmas. It had been gray and rainy here for the last few weeks and not particularly cold. (At least until last week. Last week was cold.) Having been Pennsylvania born and bred, I'm used to doing my Christmas shopping in boots and gloves, with heavy sweaters and coats, wrapped in a scarf. It was disconcerting to be doing Christmas shopping with just a sweater. The experience just didn't have the same flavor.

Speaking of off flavors, Bill O'Reilly is an ignorant, no talent, narcissistic peacock with rancid falafel in his feathers. And now he's spouting off about Christmas.

Bill O'Reilly already had a strike against him for sharing a last name with my witch of a first grade teacher. (She gets the credit for my anti-establishment mentality, so I guess in a way I thank her.) But now he's trying to run a boycott of stores that use "Happy Holidays" in their advertising instead of "Merry Christmas."

Ignorant, bigoted, inflammatory, right-wing shill.

This "War on Christmas" rhetoric that he's spewing is wrong on so many levels. It makes me absolutely shake with anger. He's willfully disregarding the dignity of whole portions of the population. Retailers are trying to be as inclusive as possible. "Happy Holidays" allows for any number of traditions but still conveys festivity and joy. Seems like a winner to me. But O'Reilly would rather use Christmas as a crudgel to beat people who don't conform to O'Reilly's views on what an American should be.

So O'Reilly thinks Christmas is under attack by liberal secularists. Hmmm... Since O'Reilly whores himself for the rabid right-wingers, perhaps we should investigate his claims before accepting them as true. Take a trip to any mall, any Target Store. Hell, go to a grocery store and see how 'embattled' Christmas is.

Sure, the sign may say "Happy Holidays" but lets compare the number of Santas to the number of dreidels. Or perhaps the number of pine trees to the number of Mishumaa Saba and Kikombe cha Umoja. The Holly King and the Oak King don't get much shelf space either. I've only covered Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the Winter Solstice. Other Holidays that the liberal secularists are trying to use to destroy Christmas include Yalda (Iranian tradition) and Korochun (Slavic tradition). You hadn't heard of those? Strange, George Soros has been pouring gigatrillions of dollars into campaigns to have them replace Christmas.

And on top of all this, Bill O'Reilly has the gall to claim a Christian imperative to "put the Christ back in Christmas." And he does this by addressing advertising and commercialization? Pharisee. If you're going to advocate a Christmas that truly focuses on the birth of Jesus Christ, and eschew the plasticized, commercialized glut of consumerism that Christmas has become, fine. More power to you. Bill O'Reilly is claiming to be on a pious mission to combat anti-Christmas forces and has selflessly appointing himself general. As it turns out, he's only using Christmas as weapon of divisiveness and basking in the increased ratings this sort of manufactured controversy produces.

What an asshole.

UPDATE: 12.07.2005

Recent developments show that The News Corporation, the owners of O'Reilly's network, didn't get the memo. Neither did the White House.

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