A Night with Ambassador Joe Wilson

I drove down the the University of Maryland last night to hear Joe Wilson speak. The talk was put on by the UM College Democrats. (I was tempted to sign up but I remembered that I wasn't in college anymore.) Despite terrible weather, I only cut off one person on the beltway and managed to find my way to UMCP without any serious detours.

Anyway, Mr. Wilson spoke at the Chapel, which is a beautiful space. It was almost full by the time he started speaking. He gave what I'm guessing is the equivelent of his stump speach. I had heard (or read) most of it before. It sounded familiar in the same 'word for word' sort of way that politician's speeches do but still managed to be engaging. You really got the idea that the guy lead an exciting life. Rescueing Americans from Saddam before Gulf War I and meeting with African President-Generals in Army barracks surrounded by men with AK-47s. Vivid images of the cigarette smoke twisting around as they discussed the fate of nations spring to mind. He really ought to be careful when he sells the movie rights. He should stipulate that the role of Joe Wilson be played by Richard Gere. The two bear a bit of a resemblance.

In the attempt to keep this blog from becoming a political rant, (an easy thing for me) I won't get to involved with what he had to say. Hearing him speak in his own words, however, only strengthened my feeling that the current administration was not honest with the American People in the run-up to a war that had been planned since 1992.

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