One Year Ago

On November 17th, 2005 I started 300 Dollar Wonder.

It's amazing how much has changed since then. I don't think that anything that I did specifically lead to those changes, but the larger movement that did bring about those changes is in many ways the reason that 300 Dollar Wonder exists.

To everybody how stopped by, either by accident or by design, and took the time to read my posts, thank you. To everybody (anybody?) that makes 300 Dollar Wonder a regular destination, thank you. To anybody who thought that the ideas I posted here were compelling enough to leave a comment, I can't tell you how encouraging that is.

Thank you to Markos and DailyKos for being my stepping stone into the blogosphere. Thank you to Shakes Sis at Shakespeare's Sister who was the first to add me to her blogroll and, despite the slap-dash nature of my posting still manages to link to me ever so often.

The only thing that I know about the next year is that it will be nothing like the one we've just come through. I believe that it will be better. Here at 300 Dollar Wonder, I'll be working, in my own small way, to make sure that it is better.

Thank you all,


Shakespeare's Sister said...

Thank you to Shakes Sis


MissPride said...

Thank you! I have enjoyed reading your blog very much and I visit it on a daily basis. Thanks again.