Maryland Governor's Race

Taegan Goddard's Political Wire reports on a new Gonzales Research poll.

[The poll] shows both possible Democratic candidates edging out Gov. Robert Ehrlich (R). Martin O'’Malley (D) tops the incumbent , 46% to 41%, while Doug Duncan (D) leads, 44% to 42%.

In the Democratic primary, O'Malley leads Duncan, 44% to 35%.
Nice to see a Blue Statchoosingng a Democratic governor. Though I'm ashamed to admit it, I haven't really looked into this race too much. I'm registered here now, but I really need to start figuring out local politics. Back in PA, I always made sure to know if there was going to be a Democratic Candidate for local elections. When there wasn't, I usually did some research to figure out which of the Republicans was the least likely to turn my little part of Pennsylvania into a theocracy...

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