Crazed Homo-Bigots

365Gay.com reports on legislation that is currently working its way through Congress:

(Washington) Private Christian colleges would be excepted from local and state non-discrimination laws under a proposed amendment to the Higher Education Act - a move that would allow the schools to legally reject LGBT students.

The amendment, proposed by Rep. Chris Cannon (R-Utah), would prevent accrediting boards from making adherence to non-discrimination laws a requirement.

The measure passed the House last week and is currently before the Senate

Brigham Young, University of Notre Dame, Baylor, Pepperdine and Samford universities have all been lobbying heavily for passage of the bill.

Although few boards specifically make adherence to non-discrimination laws a requirement for accreditation the schools say they want assurances they will not be targeted in the future.
If a school makes the choice to discriminate based on sexuality, that school should be prepared to suffer the consequences. Period. If a prospective student is so ardent in his or her beliefs that he or she feels that attending a Christian school is the only way to go for them, they should be prepared to accept the fact that certain professions requiring accredited programs, such as pharmacy, architecture, or others are no longer accessible to them.

The Christianists pushing these sorts of measures want to have it both ways. They want to keep their bigotry and don't want to suffer the repercussion. They feel they have enough temporal power to change the laws to make their lives easier. The GOP is cheering them on.

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Circe said...

This whole thing makes me so angry and makes me feel so helpless.

The claim to Christianity should come under scrutiny. Really. If schools claim to be Christ-centered, then they should have to follow the "love one another" line that Jesus preached. Didn't he say something about this is the most important commandment? Where does that fit in with the "Christian" values these universities and colleges promote. It's all a pack of lies and hate, and they need to be honest about their actual missions--to hate and hurt anyone who doesn't fit the prescribed mold.

Who would Jesus hate?