Schadenfreude? You Bet!

First, let me be clear. I hate SUVs. And big fucking trucks. I'm willing to make exceptions for people that actually need them for various professional reasons, but using one as the family grocery getter is contemptible. It screams, "I care more about my image than you're lungs!" No only do they pollute, but when the idiot driving one is talking on a cell phone, runs a stop light, and crashes into my Civic, I'm stuck in the Hospital (if I'm lucky) while they walk away.

So, knowing that, this story by the AP makes me smile.

A big jump in gasoline prices pushed inflation at the wholesale level up in March at the fastest pace in three months, as oil prices above $70 a barrel sent consumers a high-octane warning of expensive fuel costs ahead.

Introducing former Rep. Rob Portman Tuesday as his choice to be budget director,
President Bush lamented the high fuel prices and said he attributes it to increasing demand and also concerns about perceptions of possible disruptions in supplies.

But, Bush added, "I'm also mindful that government has a responsibility to watch very carefully and to investigate any price gouging, and we'll do that."

Consumers can expect even worse numbers in coming months, given that crude oil prices this week have climbed to new records above $70 per barrel. That reflects worries about supply disruptions in Nigeria and increasing tensions between the West and
Iran over Tehran's nuclear program.
No I know that in reality, high oil prices are bad for the economy and therefore, in the end, bad for me. But it costs me 34 bucks to fill my tank. I drive about 360 miles on that. I live less than 8 miles from where I work, so a tank of gas lasts me a while.

A Ford Expedition has a tank capacity around 26 gallons. It takes over $75 to fill it. If you're lucky, that will get you over 300 miles of driving.

Serves you right, SUV dick heads.

How long before we can start buying up unwanted Chevy Suburbans and using them to build levees to hold back rising ocean levels?

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