Bill O'Reilly is a Nitwit

And I'm not talking about a Nittany Lions Basket Ball fan.

From Hotline:

Bill O'Reilly solved the Iran problem in his "Talking Points" memo: "So here's my plan. There should be a summit among the industrialized nations in Geneva. Each nation would submit a plan to deal with Iran and those plans should be made public. Then everybody can see which nations want control in this world and which nations want chaos."

Newt Gingrich was a guest and offered: "I would go through your Geneva Summit" (FNC, 4/17).
Ignoring the dirty joke I was going to make about Newt 'going through Bill O'Reilly's Geneva Summit,' let's examine the logic of this plan.


Ok, now that we've done that, let's point out that Bill O'Reilly doesn't actually want to solve the crisis in Iran. He wants certain nations around the world to be 'outed' as not being in line with what he, Bill O'Reilly, King Falafel himself, deems appropriate. He wants nations that disagree with BushCo's line on Iran exposed to what he thinks will be world criticism.

Thanks Billy. I'm glad that your biggest concern about an unfolding nuclear standoff is that we properly embarrass nations for pursuing their own national interests. The only nations that would submit something that was really about causing chaos were nations we already knew wanted to cause chaos.

Update: That's kind of a weak post. I should have made a bigger deal about Newt going through O'Reilly's 'Geneva Summit.'

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