New Immigration Law in Georgia

Reuters reports that Georgia has new immigration legislation on the books.

The state of Georgia approved a sweeping measure on Monday to crack down on illegal immigrants and the people who hire them as a passionate debate on immigration heats up in the United States.

The law could fuel a national controversy as the federal government and other states consider how to deal with millions of undocumented workers while immigrants, many of whom are Hispanic, are displaying their political power through mass demonstrations in cities across the United States.

The Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act, signed into law by Gov. Sonny Perdue, denies many state services paid for by taxpayers to people who are in the United States illegally.

It also forces contractors doing business with the state to verify the legal status of new workers, and requires police to notify immigration officials if people charged with crimes are illegal immigrants.

Other provisions of the law prohibit employers from claiming a tax deduction for wages of $600 or more paid to undocumented workers, impose prison terms for human trafficking and limit the services commercial companies can provide to illegal immigrants.
Well, it seems with both houses controlled by Republicans and a Republican Governor, the Right has managed to concoct an immigration bill with a single purpose: hurt brown people.

I'll agree that U.S. immigration policy needs updating, but watching the GOP use xenophobia and thinly veiled racism to justify unduly harsh laws is disgusting. The U.S. has a largely successful immigration structure. Why are people trying to model a new one on, of all things, the hated French?
"If you are not a U.S. citizen, you should not receive a U.S. benefit," said Steve Bray, a Georgia resident who was waving a U.S. flag and said he supports legal immigration.
What about all those Iraqis? I'd say they're receiving a U.S. benefit. Well, actually...

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