Walking Point

Brandon Flyte, recently expelled from High School over a video for his English Class depicting two males cuddling, has a very nice site. Go visit, read his story, and leave some encouragement.

I have to be careful to remember that as much as the direction of this country scares and angers me, I'm not the one walking point. I can take my fiance (who I will legally marry in a few months) out to the movies without fear of dirty looks. I can walk down the street and not be singled out as 'non-conforming.' I'm white. I'm a professional. If I had a lawn, I'd keep it mowed.

People like Brandon have a much harder road than I do. They are the ones on the front lines all the time. I can protest or confront when I want to but also just slip through, assumed to be 'establishment' because I look like I am. Brandon, and the others out there in situations like his, deserve not just our support, but our admiration for their strength.

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