Vacation Update:

In case you were wondering why I jumped the gun by a day on my One Year Anniversary post, it's because I ended up heading to warmer climes for a few days. Last minute, relatively unplanned vacations are always the best kind.

I'm posting from the hotel lobby, so this will be the only post for today. I'll be back at home (and back to posting) tomorrow.

To tide you over, here's a fun little picture I found during the run up to the election, but never got around to using.

I assure you that the man in the picture isn't me.

Side note: Just how un-funny is this going to be? And what 'right-leaning' comedian are they going to get to do it? For that matter, other than Denis Leary, are there any 'right-leaning' comedians?

Apparently, Kurt Long and Susan Yeagley. Either that or they're just willing to be paid to play one on TV...

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