This is it

Today is the day. Six years of unchecked Republican Rule has brought us to a point that most Americans find appalling. Will that be enough to overcome incumbency, soft money, lobbyist favors and 'shenanigans' on the part of the GOP? We'll see. Here are some predictions of what the world will look like in about 15 hours:

Cook Political Report:
Democrats + 20-35 seats in the House, + 4-6 seats in the Senate and + 6-8 state Governorships.

Evans-Novak Political Report:
Democrats + 19 seats in the House, + 2 seats in the Senate, + 5 state Governorships.

Rothenberg Political Report
Democrats + 30-36 seats in the House, + 4-7 seats in the Senate. (No Listing for Governorships.)
The state-wide races here in Maryland, for Senate and for Governor, are very close. A SurveyUSA poll has the race for Senate at Cardin (D) 49% - Steele (R) 46% and the race for Governor at O'Malley (D) 50% - Gov. Robert Ehrlich (R)47%.

I thought when I moved to Maryland, my vote wouldn't "count" as much as it did in a swing state like Pennsylvania. It turns out that even in a bad year for Republicans they can mount very good (if dirty and dishonest) campaigns here too.

I'll be voting after work. Chalk up one more vote for the Good Guys.

You can find your polling place here.

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