In an (obviously unsuccessful) effort to keep myself from sinking into a morass of doubt, fear, and disgust, I cruised over to 50 Books, one of my favorite blogs.

It's on the sidebar, but it deserves its own specific plug.

Today's post hinges on Wired magazine's Very Short Stories Contest. Well know authors are asked to compose a story of six words. The inspiration was this work of nanofiction by Hemingway:

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."
Hemingway's six words carry a lot more power than many novels I've read. He makes us build the rest of the story around his spare frame.

Here's my 6 words story for today:
"Waiting; too scared to hope."
Obviously, I'm no Hemingway. And it's only five words. Sue me.

Go check out 50 Books.


terry said...

Actually, it sohuld be "Waiting; too scared to hope".

Griffin said...

This is what happens when I just press 'publish' without looking back on what I've written.

Thanks. I'll fix that...