Foleygate: ALL DEMS FAULT!

I had CNN on last night while I was washing dishes. (Yeah, blogging pays REALLY well, but not well enough to add another domestic.) That asshat Michael Medved was on spouting bullshit about how the whole Foley situation was a Democratic conspiracy.

To hear Medved tell it, Democrats had known about Foley for a long time and waited until now, right before the election, to take it to the public.

While I stand in awe of Medved's ability to willfully remain ignorant of the facts of the story he's on national television talking about, what amazes me most is how stupid Michael Medved thinks Democrats are.

If we were 'sitting' on this story, why, for the love of God, would we dump in on the media at end of September rather than two weeks before the election?

Even though this is a 'sex with children' scandal, I don't think that Americans or the American media can stay focused on it for more than three weeks. That has the scandal dropping off of most voters radars right as the last push for votes is beginning.

That's just bad strategy - almost as bad as invading a large, ethnically diverse nation with all the makings of a civil war with no plans to secure the country after hostilities are over before finishing the last war we started...

* * * * *

Foleygate certainly isn't helping Republicans win votes in the upcoming election but I don't think that it will be swinging 50 seats towards the Dems, as a story Fox News is running to try to scare Conservatives into voting despite the scandal claims. All the arguments of 'who knew what when' are valid, but most people like their Representative. 'All the other idiots in Congress are shitbags except for my guy' is a popular thought regardless of party.

Most Republicans outside the leadership can make the same calls for investigation and demands that people be held responsible that Democrats can with just as much authority.

This scandal will probably keep down voter turn out among Republicans about as much as a good rainstorm that's only in GOPville. It will distract Republicans from their campaign plans and keep them off message for weeks. But the problem is that many districts are so gerrymandered that Republicans would get elected in certain districts even if they ate raw puppy meat live on TV.

Besides, when you have Diebold in your corner, why worry?

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