Kool-Aid Consumption?

The Wall Street Journal reports on the Terror Divide:

Americans feel somewhat safer five years after the 9/11 attacks, credit President Bush’s administration with helping deter further attacks at home, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll shows. But they give only mixed marks to the overall war on terrorism.

A 42% plurality describes the country as safer than before 9/11, up from 31% a year ago and 38% in September 2002; another 32% calls the U.S. “about as safe” as before.

Fewer than one in four describes the U.S. as “less safe.”


Republicans are far more likely to describe Americans as safer and credit Bush, which means that invocation of anti-terror may rally the party’s base. Fully two-thirds of Republicans describe the war on terrorism as a success, compared to just 23% of Democrats and 30% of independents.
23% versus 66%? That's a pretty wide gap. I'd bet that the 66% of Republicans are the same ones that think WMD were actually found in Iraq. And that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11.

As a side note, the Wall Street Journal uses 'less than one in four' which sounds like a lot less than 25% especially when the 'about as safe' was 31% and 'safer' was only 42%.

As for the two out of three Republicans that think we're safer, it amazes me that people can go through life without any sort of critical thinking skills.

Oh, wait. It doesn't.

They're the sheeple. They think what their handlers, either Rush Limbaugh (or similar) or their Evangelical 'ministers' tell them to think. If they actually thought for themselves... Well, let's just say that the Republican Party doesn't want that to happen.

"You're frightened, let us worry about all that safety stuff. You're just simple folk. Leave all the heavy thinkin' to us. Besides, real 'Mericans aren't Lib'rul Elite college professors sitting around, eating cheese and thinkin' all the time. Real 'Mericans have lots of work to do to stay self reliant and independent! You're real 'Mericans. You work real hard to pay your bills."

Ever wonder why you have to work so hard?

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