9/11: 1825 Days Later

Five years have passed since the tragic events on 9/11. Nearly 2,000 days have passed, yet Osama Bin Laden has not been caught. In fact, the U.S. special forces charged with finding him haven't received a credible lead in two years.

Five years after saying that the United States would make no distinction between terrorists and those that harbor them, the George Bush has endorsed a truce between Pakistan, our ally in the Global War on Terror tm, and the militant remnants of the Taliban even as terrorism in Afghanistan increases.

What about the safety of Americans?

We've given up our rights. The USA PATRIOT Act apparently allows our phones to be tapped without warrant, our library records can be demanded by the government, even our internet records could be obtained with a simple letter, no judicial oversight needed. Yet at every port in America, the millions of containers coming into America aren't inspected. Why? Because it would be too expensive for shipping companies.

In George W. Bush's America, we sacrifice our freedoms, but corporations don't have to sacrifice a small part of their profits.

I am tired of the fear that the Bush Administration and it's Republican lackeys drum up using 9/11. I'm tired of the the way '9/11 changed everything' is used like a mantra to take away what's great about America. I'm tired of how Republicans constantly try to justify the War in Iraq using 9/11. I'm tired of '9/11' justifying torture, inhumane treatment, and murder.

GOD FUCKING DAMN, I'm tired of the militaristic, jingoistic, super-nationalism that the Republicans whipped up by chanting '9/11, 9/11, 9/11!' The sooner we can all consider ourselves world citizens and stop thinkng of ourselves as 'Patriots' the better off the world would be. That goes for every nation, not just America.

If the Republican President, Republican House, and Republican Senate actually cared about 9/11, they'd have found the only 6 foot 4 man wandering around the Afghan-Pakistani border with a dialysis machine by now.

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