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I'll be out of the office for the rest of today, but I wanted to put up a post on what will be today's big story.

Joe Lieberman has closed the gap on his challenger, Ned Lamont, who now leads 51%-45% according to a Quinnipiac Poll. The last poll, conducted August 3rd, had Lamont ahead 54-41.

Lieberman's been running ads trying to dirty up Lamont, but has only made small gains.

This election will come down to turn-out and 'get out the vote' efforts - neither of which can really be effectively polled. It's still anybody's game.

Regardless of who wins, it will have far reaching implications. A Lamont victory encourages anti-war candidates to speak out more strongly, encourages stronger Progressive positions, and scares the shit out of 'beltway-insider' Democrats.

A Lieberman victory does the opposite.

The big question, the elephant in the room, if you will, is whether or not Joe 'I deserve my seat because I'm an incumbent' Lieberman will mount an independent run. More analysis as I have a chance to post...

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