Media's Narrative vs. Reality

Let's see how the media spins this: A Friday Gallup Poll shows Joe Lieberman has a higher approval rating among Republicans than Democrats. Joe's Republican approval rating is 46%. Among Democrats, just 38%.

That wasn't 'angry leftists' that got polled. Or Liberal bloggers. That was Democrats. Just plain old, every day Democrats.

This means that the 'vocal minority' meme is wrong. And it means either Lamont is more than an anti-war candidate or it means that the vast majority of Democrats think the current operation in Iraq is only making things worse. Actually, it's probably both.

Either way, this proves what I've been saying all along: Lieberman stopped being in sync with his constituents and they're looking for someone more in line with their views.

Of course I guess that's not as interesting a narrative as 'anti-war crusader' or 'angry-leftist firebrand.' But why let the facts screw up a perfectly good news magazine?

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