Pat Buchanan: Racist Bastard

Think Progress has video of Pat Buchanan basically saying that the United States should limit immigration to white, English speakers "that have been assimilated before."

I've got some news for you, Pat. With a name like Buchanan, I can say with some certainty that somebody in your family tree immigrated to the United States from Ireland. Do a little research about how the nativist population liked the idea of Irish people being 'assimilated' into America.

At what point does the media realize that Pat Buchanan has no business spouting his pressed-and-dressed version of David Duke rhetoric on national television? His racist screed (often referred to as 'book') has gotten him more spots on news networks than he has for anything he's actually done including run for president, what, three times? Buy a clue, Pat!

If I write a book full of racially tinged criticism of the GOP, can I get on CNN to talk to John King? Will I get a free pass to spout baseless propaganda?

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