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When I posted about the Chicken Sh!t Republican, I called him that because he would only allow the Washington Post to publish his comments if he remained anonymous. Well, the Washington Post (in the Metro section) reports that it was in fact Maryland's Lt. Governor, Michael Steele.

That's Mike on the left.

While one might think that these sorts of comments would be good for Steele, distancing him from a HUGELY unpopular President in a strong Blue State, I'm guessing it probably won't be.

State Democratic Party Chairman Terry Lierman pointed out in a statement that Steele has held fundraisers with the president, Vice President Cheney, Bush adviser Karl Rove and National Republican Party Chairman Ken Mehlman.

"He has taken millions from Bush and his top aides and even endorsed Bush in a prime-time Republican National Convention speech in August 2004," Lierman said.
And how long did it take for some Republican lackey to start complaining that the Post wasn't being fair? Not long.
Steele spokesman Doug Heye did not dispute the accuracy of Steele's quotes in the paper but said Steele spent little time at the luncheon talking about the subject and said the article did not include some comments Steele made praising Bush.

Heye did not say why, if that were the case, Steele refused to be quoted by name originally. He said Steele had made similar statements in the past that had not attracted as much attention.
Steele, being an African-American Republican and a Republican looking to take an open seat in a very Blue state, has little to fear in the way of a GOP reaction. The White House and the Republican Party both made statements supporting Steele yesterday. Steele currently trails Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin, but is polling even to Kweisi Mfume, the two leading candidates in the upcoming Democratic Primary.

Of all the quotes in what is really a fluff piece, I liked this quote the best:
Asked whether he [Steele] could run as a proud Republican, he said: "That's going to be tough. It's going to be tough to do. If this race is about Republicans and Democrats, I lose."
With a little luck, that's how it will be all across the country.

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