GOP Decides Democracy Best as a 'Symbol'

RawStory points to a registration restricted article in Congressional Quarterly's Congress Today.

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is preparing for another showdown with the White House, this time over President Bush's use of "signing statements" to challenge provisions he finds objectionable in bills he signs into law.

But opposition from other Republicans means that Arlen Specter will have a difficult time making legislative headway in his latest move to counter executive powers assumed by the Bush White House.
The Republican Leadership have decided not to support any limits on Signing Statements. That is to say that Congressional Republicans are OK with President Bush taking away their Constitutionally granted powers.

Democracy is now nothing more than a facade on a low-grade dictatorship.

Alarmist, you say? I think not. If congress can pass a law forbidding torture and the President can write a note as he signs it say "except when I say it's ok" Rule of Law is gone. Checks and balances fail when one branch can unilaterally decide to ignore the other two.

Say there's a horrific terrorist attack a three days before the 2008 elections. President Bush cancels the elections, saying they'll be held 'when the security situation permits.' Two months pass. Congress writes a law saying that 'Postponed elections must be held within 4 calendar months of the originally scheduled date.' Bush issues a signing statement outlining his objections.

'The Executive Branch holds all power to protect the citizens of America and will ignore any part of this new bill should the safety of Americans be threatened.'

Then what? Seriously. THEN WHAT?

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