Friday Link Dump

I'll be leaving the office (and the computer) early today, so all I have time for is a quick link dump:

The Political Wire reports from my Home State indicating another Democrat is making a strong run for office, in this case Joe Sestak, trying to unseat Rep. Curt Weldon.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that it is now illegal to feed homeless people in city parks.

The Washington Post reports that a disruption due to heckling of the President at his recent speech before the NAACP has been replaced "applause" on the official White House transcript.

The Guardian (among other news sources) reports on Ethiopian military forces on the ground in Somalia. Somalia, already a haven for terrorists, is quickly becoming on of the biggest destabilizing forces in Africa.

A Reuters report on Israel's calling up of additional reservists only reinforces my suspicions about the real aims of Israel's current military operations.

And the New York Times reports that the Senate has renewed the Voting Rights Act unanimously. Only because it's an election year...

Enjoy your Friday and have a good weekend!

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