One of the Bravest People in America

After watching the video and reading the transcript, it occurred to me that Steven Colbert is one of the bravest people in America. He stood up in a room with the most powerful man in the world and openly mocked him. He did so knowing that the President, along with his supporters and administration is known for holding grudges and playing dirty. If this speech had been delivered on his show, it would have been one thing, but a biting condemnation of the President and his policies as he sits in the room with you takes astounding courage.

Is Colbert absolutely sure his tax return was filled perfectly? Is his family ready for the death threats he'll receive from the rabid Right Wing lunatics?

The Republicans would shout at me for calling a comedian the 'Bravest Person in America' while our troops ride in unarmored Humvees through the streets of Bagdad. They'd call me an Anti-American, Liberal, Military hating pinko that should be tried for treason for just thinking that, let alone publishing it. But they're wrong.

I'm not taking anything away from the bravery that our troops display day in, day out in Iraq. Mr. Colbert's bravery is just a different kind of bravery, one far rarer than the kind worshipped by the Right.

His is a bravery of conscience.

Knowing the backlash would come, he stood up and said the emperor had no clothes. We should all learn from his example.

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