Mission Accomplished

Three years ago today, George Bush, flush with twice his current approval rating, dressed up to play soldier (technically sailor) and strutted around on his aircraft carrier and declared 'Mission Accomplished."

Ninety-four percent of the casualties in Iraq have been between that date and today. 2,400 killed, over 17,000 wounded. $320 billion dollars and 10,000 to 15,000 new insurgents later, Bush's approval has fallen from 71% to 36% and the percentage of Americans that approve of Bush's handling of Iraq has fallen from 75% to 37%.

To date, no Weapons of Mass Destruction have been found in Iraq. No evidence tying Saddam Hussein to Al Qaeda has been unearthed. Saddam is on trial for the killings of 140 people, one one-thousandth of the number of deaths that the U.S. State Department says have taken place in Darfur.

Since then, Iran has moved forward on a nuclear weapons program. North Korea has produced who knows how many real Weapons of Mass Destruction.

What, exactly, was accomplished, George?

Numbers courtesy Think Progress.

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