I have an irrational dislike of all things Ohio. Maybe it's the fact that they have a stupid state flag. Maybe it's that they let their rivers catch fire, then try to put them out by spraying them with water. Most likely it's the fact that I spent my college years at Penn State. Whatever the reason, the entire state irritates me. Having to read about Christo-fascist Republicans winning elections there isn't helping.

However, since there's not really much else going on, I feel like I should report on the results of the primaries there. From the Political Wire:

# Ken Blackwell (R) defeated Jim Petro (R) and will face Rep. Ted Strickland (D-OH) in gubernatorial election. The Columbus Dispatch sets the stage for the gubernatoiral race, noting that Blackwell would be the state's first black governor while Strickland would be the first ordained minister to hold the post.

# Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) survived a primary challenge from former Rep. Bob McEwen (R-OH) in the 2nd congressional district. CQ Politics says the primary was Schmidt's biggest challenge and is favored in the general election/

# After failing to qualify for the primary ballot, state Sen. Charlie Wilson (D) won a write-in campaign in the 6th congressional district with over 2/3 of the vote.

# Embattled Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) won his primary race as expected, but the fact that he only received 68% of the vote is likely to raise doubts about his electability in November. CQ Politics says Ney's race "will be the toughest race he has faced since he was first elected in 1994"
So there you go. News from the least great state of Ohio. And can somebody explain to me why the Rock and Roll hall of Fame is in Cleveland?

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