No Faith in Bush

Via the Telegraph:

Military action against Iran would be fraught with risk and would have repercussions across the region, a leading American general conceded.

"Any action militarily is very complicated," Lt Gen Victor Renuart, the director of planning for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told The Daily Telegraph.

"And any action by any country will have second-order effects, and that is a strong case to continue the diplomatic process and make it work."
The U.S. Military has lost faith in President Bush. Why else would one of the generals in charge of planning a military action against Iran be speaking out about the need to make diplomacy work?

Think about that.

The Director of Planning for the Joint Chiefs of Staff saying publically that the President better find a solution that doesn't involve military action because the reprocussions will be beyond our control. And just telling that to members of the Bush Administration wasn't enough. For it to be effective, Lt. Gen. Renuart made sure it was in print. Scary.

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