Bush's Plan for Avian Flu

Go Fuck Yourself.


A flu pandemic would cause massive disruptions lasting for months, and cities, states and businesses must make plans now to keep functioning - and not count on a federal rescue, the Bush administration said Wednesday.
Yep, that's George W. Bush delivering a big old, Texas style "Fuck You" to the first responders, the Heroes of 9/11. The President released a new report (very large pdf) explaining how big the problem is and how much it's NOT the federal government'sresponsibilityy to help.

I guess they feared that if they screwed up a nation-wide disaster as badly as they screwed up Katrina, they'd pretty much be run out of town. So rather than make the effort to prepare for the coming disaster, they lowered expectations. Now, after thousands of Americans die, the economy is broadsided by extended absence and decreased consumption (nobody buys cars when they have the flu and during a pandemic, everybody has the flu) Bush can trot out the "I told you guys to get ready, it's not my fault" routine.

Of course it's never Bush's fault. We shouldn't be surprised. In fact, we could even take heart in the fact that, in his own twisted way, Bush is planning ahead. He's telling you it's not his fault before it happens.

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