Two Links: Compare and Contrast

An effort to ban Harry Potter from School Libraries is underway in Gwinnett, Georgia.

Laura Mallory, who has three children that attend J.C. Elementary in Loganville, is asking the state's largest school system to remove the best-selling Potter series from the shelves.

Mallory hasn't completely read any of the books. But she said she has read portions of a few books and was offended by the demonic activity.

"My personal religious views don't agree with these books," Mallory said. "We need for our children to read things that teach good morals.
Efforts are underway in Iran to curtail the use of satellite dishes.
The clampdown coincides with a bill before Iran's conservative-dominated parliament proposing that fines for people with TV satellite dishes rise from £60 to more than £3,000. Millions of Iranians have illegal dishes, enabling them to watch western films and news channels.

Mr Shariatmaderi denounced the trends as "damaging to revolutionary and Islamic principles". "We are looking for a social utopia to live in but in the last couple of months, our attention has wavered," he told fellocouncilorsrs. "In the present international situation, people must unite under known principles."
I want three pages, typed. And don't cheat thmarginsns. I'll know. Due Monday.

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