Stop, George, it's Hurtful

I can only imagine what it would be like growing up with George W. Bush. I imagine it would be very similar to living with him now. It's not like he's changed much.

Jeb Bush, governor of Florida and husband of Mexican-born wife Columba has an interesting take on the immigration debate. Via the LA Times:

Accusing politicians of "pounding their chests" on immigration for short-term political gain, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Tuesday that the tone of the debate had been "hurtful" to him and his Mexican-born wife, Columba.

Bush, the younger brother of President Bush, reserved some of his sharpest criticism for conservatives in his own Republican Party, calling it "just plain wrong" to charge illegal immigrants with a felony, as a provision passed by the Republican-led House would do. He also opposed "penalizing the children of illegal immigrants" by denying them U.S. citizenship, an idea backed by some conservatives but not included in the legislation.

"My wife came here legally, but it hurts her just as it hurts me when people give the perception that all immigrants are bad,"
Another example of how Republican social policy breaks down when it actually touches the lives of real people. Kinda like Dick Cheney's stance on gays.

The people shouting the loudest about illegal immigration are the people furthest from it. Here in the DC metro area, illegal immigrants work hard at jobs that are both unpleasant and low paying. But they are an important part of the economy. Granted, I'd like to see them paid fairly for their labor and taxed appropriately, but it's the government's responsibility to enforce the existing laws for employers to see that happen, not to punish people trying to make a living.

I haven't spoken extensively on immigration. I suppose I'll have to as the Republicans try to use it as a wedge issue to keep people from realizing that the last six years have been a disaster.

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