McClellan's Replacements

I mentioned earlier that Tony Snow, Fox News, was a possiblity. Hotline has a rundown of some of the others:

Rob Nichols, currently the pres. of the Financal Services Forum? Insiders think his appointment is unlikely, although he does know Bolten.

Dan Bartlett It would obviously be a step down, but he is arguably the best on-camera communicator the Bush White House has... and he has a good relationship with most members of the press. He's also -- obviously -- very close to Bolten and Bush. He could do it for the rest of the year, groom a deputy in the meantime.

Victoria Clark -- She's close to Bolten, and, importantly, could assert herself as a peer to Rove and Bartlett. Would she take the job if her access to Bush and Bolten were guaranteed? Would the WH worry about her role as Pentagon spokeswoman during the Iraq war? Still, Clarke, asked a few weeks back about whether she'd take the job, replied: "You know, what did Sherman say? If nominated, won't run; if elected, will not serve. Not happening."

Dan Senor -- very well liked, but some in the president's circle believe that he enjoyed the spotlight a bit too much when he was Bremer's press guy. The Bush White House doesn't reward flash and sizzle, at least when manifested by aides to the president. His recent marriage to NBCer Campbell Brown is considered by some Republicans to be a "deal-breaker."

Brian Jones -- currently the RNC's comm. dir. Considered one of the best managers in the GOP comm. business. But he'll likely stay at the RNC. He also lacks on-camera experience.

Ron Bonjean -- current comm. dir to Denny Hastert; former comm. chief for Don Evans; has crisis experience, to boot. (He worked for Trent Lott during the relevant period of Mr. Lott's career.) Smart and talented and well-liked by the press. However, he is also not likely to leave his current job.
Apologies to Hotline for pinching two of their posts. I usually wouldn't, but they were both good.

I don't really have any commentary on these names. I don't really know enough about any of them. But it's nice to have a jump on the possibilities.

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