2 Dead Protesters in Nepal

The BBC reports continuing violence in Nepal:

Security forces have shot dead at least two anti-monarchy protesters in eastern Nepal, in the bloodiest violence seen in two weeks of mounting protests.

Eight people have now been killed during rallies calling for an end to direct rule by King Gyanendra.

The authorities seem increasingly unable to cope, reports the BBC's Charles Haviland in Kathmandu.

They have warned that those who violate the curfew in Kathmandu could be shot.
The Nepalese(?) are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They desperately want to get rid of the king who claimed absolute power months ago in an effort to defeat Maoist rebels in the nation. Even if multi-party democracy is restored, the rebels will remain.

Human rights organizations have condemned the King's actions. At one point, security forces funneled protesters into a stadium, then opened fire.

An Indian diplomat is scheduled to meet with both King Gyanendra and opposition leaders to facilitate an end to the increasing instability on India's border.

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