Jolly Old England

Whatever you want to say about England (and I have close relatives who are still there, so I say good things) you have to respect their sense of duty.

CNN reports that the Queen herself oversaw the graduation ceremony at Sandhurst Military Academy at which Prince Harry, third in line to the English Throne, became an officer in the British Army. He is now eligible for combat duty and deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Prince Harry has said that if his unit is called, he is determined to go with them.

Historical precedent would indicate that should he be called, Prince Harry will serve in combat. During the Falklands War in 1982, Prince Andrew, a helicopter pilot who was flying off the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible, flew combat missions over the objections of the British Government at the request of his mother, the Queen.

Can you imagine Jenna and Barbara first off serving, then being encouraged by their parents to accept the risks that accompany that service? For wars that are supposedly so important to maintaining our freedoms, can you imagine that most Republican politicians would allow their children to be put in danger? I imagine we'd see a lot of privileged kids keeping the Viet Cong out of Alabama...

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