Bush's Italian Yes Man

It seems Silvio Berlusconi might be calling the White House for some advice. In a tremendously close election a Center-Left coalition, led by Romano Prodi, has defeated Berlusconi's center-right coalition, taking a majority of seats in the Upper and Lower houses of Italy's legislature. Berlusconi, like all good conservatives, isn't about to let little things like elections keep him out of office. From the BBC:

Italy is facing weeks of political uncertainty, with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi refusing to accept Romano Prodi's election victory.

He has insisted on waiting until some 43,000 contested ballot papers have been re-examined.

But his centre-left rival Romano Prodi says his victory will not be reversed and he is ready to form a coalition.
Berlusconi seems to be blaming his loss on 'irregularities' in an election run by his government. Classy.

As Mr. Prodi's victory has already been "officially declared" by Italy's election commission, I'm guessing that one more of Bush's European allies has been voted out of office.

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