I'm not paranoid, but...

WTAE Channel 4 (Pittsburgh) has a vaguely scary report...

Two workers looking for tools set off a security situation at a Beaver County nuclear power plant that drew a response from police and federal investigators, WTAE Channel 4's Paul Van Osdol reported.

State police said the men drove up to the Beaver Valley Power Station in a tractor-trailer on Tuesday night to pick up two large containers of tools for a contractor for whom they worked.

Security guards stopped the men for a routine inspection, but they drove away, police said.

The guards became suspicious and called police, who pulled the truck over about a mile from the plant.

A state trooper got a warrant to search the vehicle and found a duffel bag, which he said contained $504,230 in mostly small bills.
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the drivers worked for Bechtel Corp.

This is all kind of weird but not illegal, so the drivers were released. The money was seized by the State Police. I'm sure it won't take long for this to disappear from the local news. It probably won't even make a splash nationally. But it doesn't say much for a Republican President keeping us safe from Terrorism.

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