Link Dump

Sorry, fellow 'Wonderers, work today is quite busy. A quick link dump might be all you get.

The AP reports that the U.S. Government is telling schools to prepare for an outbreak of birdflu. The question is will the schools get any extra funds?

The BBC reports that over 90 airlines have been banned from operating within the EU due to security concerns.

Go visit Professor Cole at Informed Comment for the latest on Iraq including the jail break which sprung about 32 prisoners.

Taegan Goddard's Political Wiree reports on NOW's endorsement of Alan Sandals instead of Democratic front runner Bob Casey Jr. in Pennsylvania.

Also from Political Wire, we get the story on Tammy Duckworth, disabled Iraq Vet who's won the Democratic Primary for the 6th Congressional District in Ohio.

Go see Pam's story on George Allen being made to look the fool by a 16 year old.

And finally, via Shakespeare's Sister, there's a great chart on Alas, a blog that forever destroys the argument that the policies Anti-Choicers want implemented have anything to do with the belief that abortion is murder.

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