Georgia Puts Bibles in Public Classrooms

What seems to be the local NBC affiliate in Columbia SC, WIS10, is reporting that the Georgia legislature has provided for Bible Classes at public High Schools.

(Atlanta, Georgia-AP) March 20, 2006 - A bill that allows public high schools to offer classes on the Bible sped through the Georgia House Monday, passing overwhelmingly with no debate.

The legislation, which passed 151-7, would allow high schools to form elective courses on the history and literature of the Old Testament and New Testament eras. The classes would focus on the law, morals, values and culture of the eras.

State Representative James Mills, the proposal's House sponsor, said the legislation would withstand a court challenge because it treats the Bible as an educational supplement.

Under the proposal, the Old Testament and New Testament would be the primary text for each class and the local school board would decide which version of the text to use.
Right now it's an elective. My guess is that it won't take long for some Christianist Zealot principal to make it a defacto requirement. Students that opt out will face discrimination or worse.

This is the first step towards theocracy.

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