The General

I've always been a fan of Gen Wesley Clark (Ret.) and Hotline has a little blurb up on his apparent campaign preperations:

We hear he plans to be in New Hampshire this Saturday for a series of events. He attends a town hall meeting with Democrats at New England College, visits a veterans home in Tilton, and then helps raise money for the Salem/Windham Democrats in Windham.

He's helping Dems way down the ballot -- members of the House Dem caucus.

He's kept busy since the election, writing books, working with veterans' groups, helping Dems work with veterans groups, raising money for charity, raising money for Dems, and more. And he's got a kick-butt PAC website and a regular podcast.

Check out his schedule after NH: Ohio, Texas, and North Dakota. And that's just by April 1. That's a schedule to rival John Edwards's.

An aide assures us that Clark is focused on helping elect Democrats in 2006.
Nice to see that the General is still in the game and that he understands that it takes Democrats at all levels to win elections. I still haven't decided who I'm going to get behind for 2008. Clark has some possibility.

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