Bill O'Reilly's New Book

We all know that Bill O'Reilly is scary. And we all know that Bill O'Reilly doesn't mind broadcasting that (literally) to the four corners of the earth. But I'll tell you one thing: Maybe it's vanity, but if I ever wrote a book you could be damned sure I wouldn't let them put a picture that bad on the cover.

Seriously, is he squatting? In a bright blue wind breaker? And squinting?

And the hands behind the title make it hard to read! Did the person who designed this cover fail out of design school? I went to design school and I could have come up with a better cover than this!

The book will be released in September of 2006 and even if I wanted to read it, I couldn't bring myself to buy such and ugly book. Hopefully readers (and reviewers) won't be able to get past the hideous cover either.

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