Even I Didn't Send Emails During the Sermon

Stolen, word for word, from the Political Wire because I don't have a subscription to Roll Call.

Congressman Caught Working in Church

It's fairly obvious that Rep. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) will not be giving up his cell phone for Lent. According to Roll Call, while celebrating an Ash Wednesday ceremony at St. Peter'’s Catholic Church, the Congressman “spent a great deal of time on his BlackBerry during service and prayer, both reading emails and sending emails."

Said the informant: "I guess Rep. Jindal couldnÂ’t sacrifice his BlackBerry for God."”
Of course not! For Republicans, Christianity is just like patriotism. All you need is the symbols. Show up in a church on Sunday and use the right code words the rest of the week. Put a flag pin on your lapel and a ribbon on your SUV. It's the same thing. No need to actually think about what's the best way to support the troops or investigate the run-up to the war they are fighting. No neeactuallytally live the way Christianity (real Christianity) teaches, what with the helping the poor, the imprisoned and loving thy neighborhboor and all.

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