Bush Wouldn't Sign S.D. Compulsive Uterus Control Act

Or at least he "differs" with it. Reuters has the quote:

Bush told ABC News in an interview that he has not paid close attention to the South Dakota bill but said his position would allow three exceptions to a ban on abortion, as opposed to one in the state law.

"I haven't paid attention to ... this particular issue," Bush said. "I can tell you I will put people on the court without a litmus test. In other words, I haven't said to these judges, you know, 'Give me your opinion on this case if it would be coming your way,"' he said.

Asked about the provisions in the state law, Bush replied, "Well, that, of course, is a state law, but my position has always been three exceptions: rape, incest and the life of the mother."
Ignoring the obvious lie about not paying attention to the issue (ok, maybe he assigned someone else to pay attentino) Bush's claims about litmus tests have to be patently false. Bush owes both of his elections to the fundies. If this goes to the Supreme Court and fails, there are going to be a lot of Christianist nut-jobs angry with Dear Leader. And with a 34% approval rating, he can't afford to lose what's left of his 'base.'

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