Even the Fundies do it

I will now, in all seriousness, without mockery or condescension, blog about news from Agape Press:

"To a large degree, we're missing it," Weathersbee says. "The young people are receiving the data, but they're not translating it into values that result in a lifestyle of purity and holiness."
Yup, that's right. Agape Press runs the headline "Apparently True Love Doesn't Always Wait" and follows it up with a story about a study done among newlywed Baptists by the chaplain at Baylor University. Some figures:
* 100 percent professed faith in Christ
* 99 percent attended church
* 84 percent grew up in church
* 87 percent grew up in a two-parent home
* 62 percent of males had premarital sex
* 65 percent of females had premarital sex

Only 27 percent of the young people surveyed entered marriage "chaste," having refrained not only from intercourse but also from other sexual practices such as oral sex.
I'm always baffled by the hangups that these Christianists have about sex - nobody's asking newlyweds if they've refrained from planting two crops in the same field - and their incredulousness when they discover that their own kids have sex. During the time when the Christian Church had the most power over people (often referred to as the Dark Ages) it happened. Of course these kids all probably had abstinence only education and therefore didn't take any precautions. And they claim they're trying to end abortions...

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