Big Bad Liberal Media

Not really funny considering that only today has Jill Carroll been released after 82 days of captivity in Iraq. Kidnapped by gunmen in an attack that killed her translator, she was held by an organization called the Vengeance Brigade who broadcast video of her in captivity while demanding the release of all female prisoners in American custody. According to Carroll, she was held but not mistreated.

I go back to a point that I've made before. If you can get killed reporting on the good news in Iraq, there are more important things to be reporting. If about 50 people a day were being killed in a conflict between Protestants and Catholics in New York City, would anybody care if Schools were being built?

You have to wonder, will the Bush Administration be able to use the 'Liberal Media' thing for the next three years without people starting to realize that it's bullshit?

Credit to Dwayne Powell for the cartoon.

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