A new poll indicates that U.S. adults favor censuring George W. Bush 46% to 44%. 42% favor impeachment.

Here's the thing. If you're a Democratic Senator, your constituents probably favor censure (and impeachment) by much larger margins. 70% of Democrats want Bush censured.

At least 32 Senators have signed onto a bill calling for a 'probe' into the case for impeachment. The total number of Senators supporting censure seems to have increased to a 'soft' five...

I think Senator Feingold's resolution was the sort of kick in the ass that the Dems needed. It might be taking a little while to gain momentum, but when the president has a 33% approval rating, momentum will pick up eventually. I think Democrats, especially ones with presidential ambitions, realize that this is Russ Feingold's way of declaring that he is the new Howard Dean.

Lieberman has a primary challenger. The establishment has to be feeling some pressure from the left. This is a good thing.

Apologies for a rambling diary, I'm off to a meeting and don't have time to edit...

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