Today's Press Briefing w/ Scotty McClellan

RawStory has the transcript of Scott McClellan being beaten up for his lunch money at today's press briefing. Transcript:

Q I just want to clarify one thing. Is it appropriate for a private citizen to be the person to disseminate the information that the vice president of the United States has been -- has shot someone?

MR. MCCLELLAN: That's one way to provide information to the public. The vice president's office worked with her -- well, I should say the vice president -- the vice president spoke with her directly and agreed that she should --

Q But you make it sound like it's up to her to decide when it comes out.

MR. MCCLELLAN: -- agreed that she should make it public, and then they would provide additional information.

Q But why should it be up to a private citizen to decide when it comes out?

MR. MCCLELLAN: It came out -- it came out Sunday morning. I've told you the way that I've operated and the way I've provided information in similar circumstances.

Q Certainly different --

Q Scott, has the vice president --

MR. MCCLELLAN: Is this on -- Go ahead. Michael, go ahead.

Q Has the vice president always had a hunting license whenever he's gone hunting? There was an item in one of the wire stories this morning that he had a license prior to November, but other stories said he goes every year to Texas. I have a follow-up as well.

MR. MCCLELLAN: Check with his office. I don't have those facts.

Incidentally, it seems that Mr. Cheney was hunting Quail without an 'upland bird hunting' sticker on his hunting license, which is to say, illegally.

Rumors swirl accusing the Bush Administration of barring law enforcement from investigating the shooting...

UPDATE: 2.14.06 1:50pm
Harry Whittington, the man shot in the face by VP Dick Cheney has suffered a heart attack. A pellet, lodged in his heart, caused what is being called a "minor" heart attack. This after three days in the ICU in "very stable" condition. I guess this wasn't just a light peppering after all... Best wishes to Harry and his family. It had seemed like he was going to be just fine. Hopefully he still will be.

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