South Dakota Passes Compulsive Pregnancy Law

Every uterus in the state of South Dakota is now under direct control of the state.

The Sioux Falls Argus Leader reports:

PIERRE - A contentious abortion bill passed the South Dakota Senate late this afternoon. The vote was 23 to 12.


Republican Sen. Stan Adelstein of Rapid City had tried to amend the bill to include an exception for abortions for victims of rape. The amendment lost 14-21


The Senate also defeated a proposed amendment to insert an exception to allow an abortion to protect the health of a pregnant woman. That was offered by Republican Sen. David Knudson. It failed on a 13-22 vote.


Republican Sen. Tom Dempster of Sioux Falls said, "This bill ends up being cold, indifferent and as hostile as any great prairie blizzard that this state has ever seen.''

One more person voted to allow women the right to chose what happens to their own body in case of rape than chose to allow them their right if their health is in danger.

If you're a woman who has ever voted for a Republican, you're voting to have old white men in suits making decisions about your body.

UPDATE: South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds syas that he's "inclined to sign bill." This will pass and start to make its way up the Court System. Expect the Right-Wing Nutjobs to take their new Supreme Court Justices out for a spin in the next 6 to 18 months.

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