Nine Professors At Columbia Are Deemed 'Dangerous'

Conservative ideologue David Horowitz list (in book form) the "101 Most Dangerous Academics in America." The book, in all ways identical to the red-baiting that went on 50 years ago, has a collection of short essays illustrating the evils of the modern university professor. Upon learning that a Wingnut had compiled such a list, I immediately began looking for the entire list so that I could find out if I had received a 'dangerous' education.

According to Interactivist Info Exchange TWO professors from my alma mater, Pennsylvania State University, have made it onto Horowitz's list. Congratulations to Michael Berube and Sam Richards.

Professor Berube is a Professor of English whose book Public Access: Literary Theory and American Cultural Politics is surely the offense that earned him his spot on the list. UPDATE: Professor Berube has a blog. Check it out.

Professor Richards is a sociologist focusing on race and ethnicity. Penn State's Race Relation Project is probably the 'offense' that got him labeled 'dangerous.'

Interestingly, PSU has two professors on the list, more than supposed 'liberal bastions' like Princeton University, Cornell University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology which only qualified Noam Chompsky. Penn State also beat out all the other Big Ten Schools.

Professor Cole, who's site, Informed Comment, I link to regularly also made the list. Congratulations, Professor.

This is all ignoring the chilling idea that the ideas you hold (politically, socially, etc.) make you 'dangerous.' I probably shouldn't trivialize the fact that lists of people in academia that don't agree with 'the movement' are being compiled and published.

Paging Mr. Orwell...

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