Roy Moore has Less

Alabama's favoritehomo-bigoted candidate for Governor, Roy Moore (famous for losing his robes over the above Ten Commandments slab in the courthouse), has good and bad news this week, according to the Mobile Register.

The good news: he’s reporting donations from 49 states in 2005, from donations garnered from 2,214 people. Impressively, the contributions came from individuals in 49 states, and hundreds came though Roy’s campaign Web site.

The bad news those 2,214 donations added up to just $310,578. Let’s look at others in the race:

* Governor Bob Riley (R): $3.8 million
* Lucy Baxley (D): $1.2 million in contributions
* Don Siegelman: $342,625 (no surprise for the corruption-tainted former governor; $300K of that total was a loan by from his brother!)

The reports of Moore and Siegelman both reflect alarmingly low levels of support from the business community for major candidates in a governor’s race, said University of Alabama politics professor William Stewart.

“It’s pretty dramatic, I think,” Stewart said. “Obviously, the business interests enjoy the administration they have right now, and they feel it will most likely continue for the next four years and they want to be on the winning side.”

“I think they (business leaders) definitely don’t want Moore because Riley is a good industrial recruiter, he relates well to national and international business leaders, and they fear Judge Moore, being associated with conservative Christians, that that might work against dealing with other cultures and possibly other religions.”

Some of the latest polling (more matchups at Rasmussen):

Roy Moore (R)....................39%
Lucy Baxley (D)..................50%

Roy Moore (R)....................40%
Don Sielgelman (D)............46%

Seems that the most people just aren't looking for a candidate that wrote, in a 2002 concurrence in a custody case involving a lesbian mother:
After describing homosexuality as “abhorrent, immoral, detestable, a crime against nature,” Moore asserted that “[t]he State carries the power of the sword, that is, the power to prohibit [homosexual] conduct with physical penalties, such as confinement and even execution. It must use that power to prevent the subversion of children toward this lifestyle.”

UPDATE: 2.14.06 2:02pm
The Mobile Register is reporting "Gov. Bob Riley has opened a 2-to-1 lead over ousted Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore in the race for the Republican Party's gubernatorial nomination later this year, the results of a new statewide poll suggest." He's still a Republican, but hey, it's good to know that Moore's Christianist bullshit is starting to smell...

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