Don't Read Anything from Agape Press

It's just the 'News' arm of the American Family ASSociation.

Yet from that steaming, stinking pile of propoganda, we get this:

French says the Center is designed to “end the illegal persecution and forced indoctrination of Christian students” on campuses across America. The statistics, he says, are both “staggering and sad” — statistics he contends are influenced by a campus environment that encourages assaults on the Christian faith.

“About 52 percent of students enter college campuses attending church regularly — [but] by their senior year, only about 29 percent are still attending church regularly,” French notes. “[T]he fact of the matter is that this loss of faith often is hastened and assisted by a series of unconstitutional policies and a culture that relentlessly attacks Christian belief. And so we’re going to be standing against that.”

Maybe it's because they realize that it's their choice.

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